Epson SureColor SC-B9070

LargeFormat PRinter SureColor SC-B9070

The Perfect Blend of Quality, Speed and Reliability

in Epson SureColor SC-B9070 you get a high performance production signnage printer that is engineered for your business needs. This dye-based production printer is armed with dual precisionCore Printheads and advanced image processing technology that deliver high speed precision printing Equipped with epson Edge print software and control Dashboard it allows for maximum business efficiency The printer is ideal for use in high  volume short term indoor signages such as pull up banners and backlit panels



Specifications - SC-B9070

Printer width : 64"

Printing Technology

Print head : Dual PrecisionCcore TFP Printhead

Nozzle Cconfiguration : 360 x 2 x 2 nozzles each ccolour (x4)

Maximum Resolution : 2880x1440 dpi

Minimum ink Droplet volum : 4.1 pl

Print Speed

Draft -1pass : up to 100 ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (360x720 dpi)

Speed -4pass : up to 31.1ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (720x720 dpi)

Production -6pass : up to 20.5ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (720x1440 dpi)

Quality -8pass : up to 15.3ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (720x1440 dpi)

High Quality -12pass : up to 8.6ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (2880x1440 dpi)

Max Quality -16pass : up to 6.7ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (2880x1440 dpi)

Max Quality -24pass : up to 4.8ตารางเมตร /ชั่วโมง (2880x1440 dpi) (Backlit Film)

Ink System

Ink Type  : Epson Dye Ink

Colours (4Colours) : Cyan , Magenta, Yellow, Black

Ink Capacity : Pouch 1000 ml ; CISS Tank 1500 ml

Paper Handling

Print Area : Rea Roll Feed (2 or 3 incch core with max 250 mm diameter

and up to 45 kg) ; Auto Take up reel

Printing Width : max 1616 mm side margin 5 mm both sides (10 mm when

using Media Edge plates)

Media Width : 300 to 1626 mm (64 inch)

Media Thickness : Up to 1 mm

Heaters : After Heater (30 to 55 C)

Control Panel : 2.7" Colour LCD


Printer Interfaces : Hi-Speed USB 2.0, 100Base-TX/1000Base-T

Printer Languages : Standard : ESC/P Raster

Memory : 512 MB main + 128 mb network

Printer Dimensions

Dimensions : 2620 x 934 x1332 mm

Weight : 280 kg



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